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Z-Car Garage's Dyno Jet 224xLC

Nissan / Infiniti Dynamometer Performance Testing in the SF Bay Area

We house a state-of-the-art DynoJet in-ground, 224xLC chassis dynamometer that can accurately measure 1500 RWHP at 200 MPH speeds using the latest technology in electronic data acquisition and critical engine function graphing techniques.

Our chassis dyno has a myriad of data logging input sensors, in addition to our full engine data acquisition capability. We can track, log and graph nearly every critical function of an engine or chassis combination, including real time air/fuel ratio. That information can then be saved to a disc or printed out to reference it in the future. Our data acquisition system uses a wideband AFR sensor to accurately measure air/fuel ratio and you have the option of having the sample taken with an exhaust probe from the tail pipe or with a sensor bung at the header pipe, whichever you desire. Finally, our weather-sensing module is self-compensating and automatically changes with the environment as it happens so you can be assured of accurate power measurement.

[logo] Dyno-JET dynamometers

Diagnostic Baseline Dyno Session - This chassis dyno session is designed for the customer who has already completed performance modifications to their vehicle and would like to gauge where the engine's air/fuel ratio is and to measure rear wheel horsepower before a dyno tuning session begins. Air/fuel sampling is taken directly from the header pipe to insure total AFR graphing accuracy.

Dynamometer report for a Nissan 350zx by San Francisco Bay Area performance automotive facility Z-Car Garage Session Includes:
  • Free vehicle hook-up and disconnection

  • Three, accurate chassis dyno acceleration pulls

  • AFR sensor bung, plug and installation labor*

  • Graphing of the engine's air/fuel ratio graphically or numerically

  • Data logging of ECM/PCM parameters (when available)

  • Professional consultation

$125.00 * additional cost

DynoJET dynamometer located in the Z-Car Garage, San Jose, CA

Dyno Jet Specifications:
Maximum Horsepower1500hp +
Maximum Speed200MPH (322Kph)
Drum Diameter24"
Drum Width81"
Minimum Axle WidthN/A
Maximum Axle Width79"
Maximum Axle Weight3000 lbs
Crated Weight6000 lbs
Crated Dimensions98 x 65 x 56.5 "
Operating Temp Range32 to 158 degrees F
Timing Accuracy+/-1 microsecond
Drum Speed Accuracy+/-1/100th MPH
RPM Accuracy+/-1/10th RPM

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